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Also known as "Gallows", and "The Game of Hanging", hangman is a simple word guessing game that has been known to exist in various forms since the year 1894 where a version of the game was recorded in a book named "Traditional Games" by Alice Bertha Gomme. It is commonly used to help teach children how to spell certain words.

Traditionally, hangman has been played by two people with paper and pencil. One person selects a word and draws a row of dashes according to the number of letters in the chosen word. The second person then has to guess the letters of the word until the word has been completed. Most forms of hangman give the player who is guessing a specific number of incorrect guesses (Usually between 6-9) which if exceeded means automatic loss. Pretty simple, huh?

Hangman exists today in many, many different forms. Have you ever watched the show "Wheel of Fortune"? Does the concept behind it seem familliar at all? Hmmmmmm? The most common form of hangman seen today is a paper and pencil game where for each incorrect guess, part of a man is drawn hanging from a gallows, and the game is lost if the entire man is drawn before the word is complete, thus dictating the number of incorrect guesses, thus the hangman has been hanged and the game is over. There are many different versions of hangman that follow this basic pattern, some use different pictures (Spiders or monsters for example) and some have slightly different rules (The first and last letter are automatically filled in for example) but this basic structure prevails throughout all of them.

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